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Grinding ring is an important part of Raymond mill

Time: 2019-02-19

Raymond mill is a common equipment for ore milling. Limestone, granite and garnet, dolomite and other ore need to be processed by ore processing equipment such as Raymond mill to be used in industries such as industry, metallurgy and chemical industry. Raymond mill is a large ore processing equipment, with a lot of parts, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery and equipment is the ore processing machinery and equipment manufacturers,Joyal and everyone talk about the grinding ring.

The grinding roller and grinding ring of Raymond mill are very important in many parts, and it is also the part that is easy to wear in Raymond mill. Here, Joyal and everyone talk about Raymond mill grinding The production process of the ring, and everyone talk about the material selection of the grinding ring of the Raymond mill. The grinding ring of Raymond mill is made of 50SiMn steel, which is a kind of wear-resistant steel. The high-manganese steel treated by water toughness can obtain high plasticity and impact toughness.

High manganese steel has high wear resistance. Although its hardness is only HB210, its yield point σs is low, only 40% of σb, so it has high plasticity and toughness. When high-manganese steel is subjected to external pressure and impact load, it will produce great plastic deformation or severe work hardening. The steel is strongly strengthened and the hardness is significantly improved, reaching HB450-550, so it has high wear resistance. .

After the Raymond mill starts working, the grinding ring rotates around the main shaft, and under the action of the high-pressure spring and the centrifugal force, it is pressed against the grinding ring. When the ore and other materials enter the grinding chamber, the Raymond mill grinding ring is shovel by the blade. The grinding roller is fed between the grinding roller and the grinding ring to rotate around the main shaft. The powder after rolling is brought into the analysis machine along with the circulating air of the blower. The qualified fine powder enters the cyclone powder collector as the finished product, and the large particles fall. The re-grinding magnetic separation equipment returns the air to the blower and repeats the above process, and the residual wind enters the bag filter to purify.

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