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Frequently questions about micro-powder mill bearings

Time: 2019-02-14

There are many mechanical equipments for the grinding of ore, such as Raymond mill, ultra-fine mill and vertical mill. Milling equipment is installed in the mill products. Under the weight of the grinding chamber, it can also bear the impact of the grinding powder, so the bearing failure will seriously affect the smooth progress of the grinding production, and the micro-grinding bearing is the same, Shanghai  joyal mining machinery and everyone talk about the ore mill bearing Frequently asked questions.

What are the parts where the bearings are installed in the micro-grinding? The part where the bearing is installed in the general mill is divided into two parts, which are the main part and the classifier. The part of the main part for connecting the reducer to the grinding chamber part is a bearing, and the part of the classifier for driving the classifier blade is also a bearing.

What are the reasons why the bearing parts are prone to failure? Generally, the causes of bearing failures are as follows: poor lubrication, contamination of impurities, improper installation, excessive use, etc. Which type of lubrication is used for the bearings in micronized products? Lubrication systems generally use manual lubrication, and because of the importance of the lubricant in the normal operation of the bearing, the user needs to lubricate it according to the machine’s instructions.

What are the serious consequences of improper bearing lubrication? In general, improper bearing lubrication includes the following situations, such as the presence of dust impurities in the lubricating oil, incomplete lubrication, and poor sealing after lubrication. If the lubricant contains impurities or the sealing effect is not good, the impurities will invade the bearing components, which will increase the friction between the bearing and other components during the movement, which will accelerate the wear of the bearing and eventually lead to the service life of the bearing. Reduce, thereby increasing the user’s grinding production costs.

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