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Micro-powder grinding machine grinding ore analysis

Time: 2019-01-23

The micro-powder grinding machine is a kind of ore grinding processing machinery equipment commonly used in the grinding processing of ore. The rapid release of the micro-powder grinding machine causes the particles and fragments to splash and generate noise. This loss of kinetic energy and acoustic energy can be as high as 45% of the total energy input; impacting the material. The brittle material has no toughness and is poor in impact resistance, and is easy to be crushed under the impact force.

It is advantageous to crush it by impact. However, the magnitude of the impact is uncontrollable. Although in general, adjusting the average size of the micron mill media can adjust the impact force. However, the impact force cannot be adjusted according to the actual needs of each impact, and the impact force cannot be justified. Excessive impact can cause waste; too little impact can be wasted due to ineffective application.

The deformation energy accumulated in the material is rapidly released due to the pulverization of the particles, and cannot be recovered; the micro-powder mill applies force to the grinding medium. Make it move. The material is then forced by the grinding medium to pulverize the material. In this process, the grinding medium is used as an intermediary, and the micro-powder grinding machine does not directly apply force to the material.

In this case, regardless of whether the grinding medium uses the energy it obtains for pulverization, the micron mill always consumes energy to move the grinding medium, and most of the energy is consumed by the grinding medium colliding with each other.

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