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Raymond mill’s low voltage problem

Time: 2019-01-15

Raymond Mill is mainly used in the chemical, building materials and mining industries. It is famous for its high stability and high output. Raymond Mill is the most common type of milling machine for grinding powder production line. It can process materials with Mohs hardness below 8 grade. The highest can be ground to 425 mesh, we understand the matters needing attention in daily operation, Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery here and everyone talk about some problems related to the voltage of Raymond mill.

Under normal circumstances, the voltage drop is related to the excessive load. The voltage is unstable, which has a great influence on the motor. It may burn the motor and cause a serious fire. This loss is relatively large. Secondly, the unstable voltage will cause floating, unstable, low voltage, small wind pressure, and the analyzer will not work properly, which will cause the powder to be clogged inside, resulting in a decrease in output.

On the contrary, it will cause the wind pressure to become larger, and directly blow out the materials that are not in place. This will definitely affect the overall fineness and have a fatal effect on the quality. It will produce unqualified fine powder and cannot meet the production requirements. Need to rework again, resulting in the loss of manpower and material resources. Therefore, before installing the Raymond mill, the necessary power distribution cabinets are necessary, and the voltage regulators must be configured to ensure stable voltage and continuous production.

Raymond mill as an ore milling equipment, necessary maintenance is a must, and daily correct operation is also necessary, usually when the equipment is shipped from the factory, engineers will go to the site to install and guide the daily operation, these are needed Bear in mind, otherwise it will affect the production and life of Raymond mill. If you encounter other Raymond mill problems or you want to buy a Raymond mill, you can call us.

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