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high-pressure micro-mill flour mill

Time: 2018-01-16

Now the milling industry is getting more and more welcomed by the mining, chemical, metallurgy, building materials and other industries. The ore mill is the key machinery and equipment indispensable in the ore milling production line. The common ore mill has ultra-fine mill , Raymond mill and vertical mill are all commonly used ore milling equipment, of which high-pressure micro-mill is a high-quality milling ore processing equipment.

High-pressure micro-powder mill In the process of grinding ore, the high-pressure micro-grinding mill wind series of normal operation of the milling system efficiency has a great impact on the wind system is the most common problem remaining wind, what causes high pressure micro-grinding Mill this situation, the Shanghai Joyal mining machinery simple and we talk about.

If the high-pressure micro-powder mill in the work of sealing lax, it will absorb part of the wind, resulting in residual wind; in the feeding, because the material is loose material, material gap with the air into the feed High-pressure powder mill mill, it will cause the wind left.

High-pressure micro-grinding process and the machine will produce heat during operation, the fluid temperature in the loop is always higher than the workshop 10 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, the hot air flow on the material has a certain drying effect, so that the water vaporization of the material to produce water vapor; Long working hours, the system fluid temperature, the entire fluid due to temperature and volume expansion, resulting in residual wind generation.

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