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Widely used Raymond mill

Time: 2018-01-09

Raymond mill is one of ore grinding equipment, Raymond mill can be used for limestone, granite, dolomite and garnet and other ore grinding, Raymond mill is very useful , Shanghai Joyal mining machinery is a professional ore processing machinery and equipment manufacturers, Joyal take about the widely used Raymond mill can be used in what industries.

Dressing industry can be said to be a traditional industry Raymond mill applications, many Raymond mill are used in the beneficiation industry for crushing and grinding minerals, as Raymond mill grinding and crushing a wide range of applications, so In the beneficiation industry will often use Raymond Mill, Raymond Mill is also the main equipment for milling ore.

After special processing technology, Raymond Mill processed white paper, to improve its whiteness, opacity, smoothness, smoothness, adaptability, reduce quantitative transverse and wet deformation of cardboard, improve printing adaptability, and may Significantly reduce the use of various other raw materials, Raymond mill is a common processing equipment in the paper industry.

In the ceramic raw material by adding an appropriate amount of Raymond mill processing of ore grinding, can significantly reduce the firing temperature, shorten the firing time, to achieve a low temperature fast firing. And after the Raymond mill powder ore processed can reduce the product cracks and warp, increase glazed gloss, improve the strength of the embryo body, and thus improve the passing rate of the product.

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