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How many meshes can the ultrafine pulverizer achieve? How many meshes can calcium carbonate be milled out?

Time: 2022-06-24

The ultrafine mill does not mean the finest, which is unscientific and unprofessional. The key is to see what raw materials you use for milling, and the fineness of different materials is different.
Processing of ultrafine powders of more than 100 materials such as calcite, chalk, limestone, dolomite, kaolin, bentonite, talc, barite, mica, illite, carbon black, pyrophyllite, sepiolite, gypsum, vermiculite, etc. There is absolutely no ambiguity.
However, at present, the material of the ultrafine mill should be able to be processed to 3000 mesh. Generally, calcium powder can be applied to various fields in the range of 500 mesh to 1000 mesh. The so-called ultra-fine pulverizer is just finer than the conventional high-pressure pulverizer. It is completely unnecessary to use ultra-fine pulverizers for grinding lime.
In the case of calcium carbonate powder, calcium carbonate milling is generally divided into calcium carbonate coarse powder processing (0-3MM), fine powder processing (20 mesh-400 mesh), and ultra-fine powder processing of calcium carbonate (400 mesh-1250 mesh) ) and micro powder processing (1250 mesh – 3250 mesh) four types.
We only talk about the grinding stage. The crushed calcium carbonate small pieces are sent to the silo by the elevator, and then sent to the grinding chamber of the mill evenly and quantitatively by the vibrating feeder for grinding.
Within 200 mesh, it can be used for various feed additives; 250 mesh to 300 mesh can be used in rubber factories, paint factories, plastic factories, waterproof material factories, etc.;
350 mesh to 400 mesh, can be used in downspouts, manufacturing gussets, chemical fields; 400 mesh to 600 mesh, can be used to make toothpaste, soap;
800 mesh, can be used for plastic, pvc filler, rubber, cable; 1250 mesh, can be used for pvc, paint, coating grade products, paper surface coating, paper primer, etc.;
Calcium carbonate is alkaline and is often used to improve acidic soil; it can also be used to produce carbon dioxide in the laboratory;
According to different industries, the fineness is different to choose the product that suits you.

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