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How much do you know about industrial mills? Do you know how to do it?

Time: 2021-10-22

The problem that many milling companies struggle with when purchasing mill equipment is which type of machine to choose. In fact, this depends on many issues to decide, such as which material to grind and which fineness to grind. Today we will talk about what industrial mills are available.

When customers choose milling equipment, the company’s technical staff will recommend the corresponding milling equipment to the customer based on the material to be crushed and the expected output. For example, if some customers need rough processing of stones, they can choose the hammer crusher and jaw crusher produced by the company. For another example, some customers not only require high output, but also need to meet a certain standard for fineness of the powder. Then you can buy an ultra-fine mill. Of course, the model of the ultra-fine mill is also different. There are high-pressure suspension roller mills, Raymond mills, etc., these are all mining machinery products. The fineness of the mill is as high as 3000 mesh. Of course, customers can adjust the fineness range according to their own requirements. As for the output, the output of the ultra-fine mill ranges from 0.7-8t/h, depending on the model of the mill. Certainly. Industrial mill equipment can greatly meet the needs of customers in terms of fineness, output and product performance.
The mesh number of the mill is inversely proportional to the output. As long as the fineness requirements are high, the output will inevitably be low. This is because the high fineness requirement means that the speed of the analyzer part is accelerated, and the coarser materials cannot be passed through, and the grinding must be performed again. This lengthens the grinding time of the material inside the mill, that is to say, it takes a long time for the finished product to come out per unit time, so the amount is also reduced.

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