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What are the requirements for the feed size of the Raymond mill

Time: 2021-10-29

Appropriate material size, uniform feed rate, strong equipment performance, etc., are all important factors that affect the output of Raymond mill. In the process of grinding powder, some users think that all materials can be ground and broken. This is a very wrong view. Because the large feed particle size is likely to affect the normal production of Raymond mills. Here, let’s talk about the impact of large feed size on Raymond mill.

1. In general, each type of mill has a matching feeding device, and the size of the feeding port configured for each type has clear regulations. If we use the Raymond mill, the feeding granularity of the equipment is too large, it is likely to cause jams at the feeding end. In this way, the efficiency of milling production is greatly reduced.
2. When the material jam occurs at the feed inlet, a large amount of materials will be piled up and blocked together. At this time, the main engine of the Raymond pulverizer is still in continuous operation. When there is less material between the grinding roller and grinding ring, or even the material is broken, it will increase the chance that the grinding roller and grinding ring of the Raymond mill will directly contact and grind, and increase the impact strength between the parts, thereby speeding up the process. Damage to damaged parts.
At the same time, if the feed size is too large, when big rocks enter the grinding cavity of the Raymond mill, under the same quality, the larger the particle size of the material, the more difficult it is to grind the Raymond mill, which will not only cause thunder The production capacity of Mongolian pulverizers has decreased, which may also cause insufficient grinding of materials and coarser discharge fineness. At the same time, the damage to the vulnerable parts of the Raymond mill will be more serious.

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