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How much is a mobile crusher with an output of 100 tons per hour?

Time: 2022-04-09

How much is a 100-ton mobile crusher per hour? The price is not fixed, and the factors that determine the price mainly include the following factors:
One of the factors: different manufacturers
At present, there are many manufacturers of mobile belt crushers on the market, and there will be differences in equipment design and manufacturing process, and the selected raw materials will also be different, so there must be differences in price.
The second factor: different models
The specifications and models of the equipment are different, and the quotations are different, because the crawler-type small mobile crusher can be equipped with a variety of equipment, and the equipment is different (can be matched with sand making machines, crushers, etc.), and there will be certain differences in price.
The third factor: after-sales service is different
After-sales is relatively important, and manufacturers can better ensure the normal operation of the equipment in a timely manner.
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