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How to adjust the ball mill the best amount of ball

Time: 2017-03-13

Ball mill is one of the commonly used equipment in mineral processing equipment. The reasonable loading of ball mill not only affects the improvement of ore efficiency and productivity, but also the service life of ball mill.Here JOAYL for everyone to introduce the ball mill loading the amount of the problem.


When ball mill works, its efficiency generally depends on the sum of the work done by each ball, that is, the number of ball impact and impact force, therefore, must give full play to the effectiveness of each ball. The ball will be too much overlap with each other, so that part of the ball rose less than the required height of the wine down, can not give full play to the ability of each ball broken; too much steel, then, although each ball crushing capacity Can get full play, but the total crushing capacity is very limited. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate loading amount.

After repeated experimental study, joyal machinery found that the cylinder ball filling capacity of 40% when the highest yield.

When the ball mill speed is established, the ball volume of the ball mill only 10% of the volume, the ball in the form of sliding movement, and the ball is unlikely to run. When the amount of ballpower gradually increased to 30%, although the movement is still mainly in East China, but we have begun to appear in the dumping. When the ball is more than 40%, the movement of the ball will be the main form of the ball; when the ball reaches the total capacity of 50% of the cylinder, the ball surface is just in the cylinder diameter line, it is easy Produce tilting. Accordingly, the amount of ball in one-third of the amount is more appropriate, and one-half for the best.

Adjust the ball mill the best amount of ball, to ensure the best crushing capacity to ensure maximum business efficiency. joyal machinery recommended the majority of ball mill users to carefully learn the best ball mill the amount of knowledge, to maximize the production of ball mill production.

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