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Reasons and Preventive Measures of Ball Mill Cylinder Deformation

Time: 2017-03-06

The ball mill is mainly composed of cylindrical cylinder, lining plate, partition plate, main bearing, inlet and outlet device and transmission system part. The cylinder is one of the main working parts of the ball mill. When the cylinder is working, , But also by the impact of the grinding body, will lead to serious deformation of the cylinder, and even cause the cylinder rupture, the following joayl machinery will be the cause of this problem analysis.

1, the ball mill long-term operation, the grinding body and part of the material is not timely discharge, in the ball mill body weight, grinding body and material weight under the joint action, causing the cylinder deformation.

2, the ball mill is running after the mill, the ball mill cylinder temperature by the film temperature is relatively high, in the natural cooling process, due to the ball mill cylinder uneven force caused by the cylinder deformation.

In view of the deformation of the ball mill cylinder, the Red Star machine gives the following measures: in the bottom of the ball mill cylinder to make the mark; the ball mill cylinder turning 180 ┬░; try to let the ball inside the hot air, if you do not have the conditions, Put a number of stoves, baking ball mill cylinder, and pay attention to baking when the stove can not close to the bearing, the flames can not channeling the ball mill cylinder and the appropriate distance; every 30 minutes to run the mill half a circle until the visual ball mill cylinder back to normal So as to withdraw the ball mill cylinder heating device, the ball mill liner and the various parts of the connection bolts to check the ball mill cylinder deformation caused by joint failure.

In the course of the use of the ball mill, simply know that the problem is not enough to deal with the same time we have to master the failure of preventive measures.

When the ball mill equipment for some reason to stop the operation, if the shutdown time of 30 minutes or more, should be stopped after every 30 minutes to run the mill half a circle, stopped in the original opposite position until the ball mill cylinder completely cooled so far. When the ball mill long-term shutdown, the ball mill grinding material and materials should be all poured out, that we usually say “clearance”, and then in accordance with the above method until the ball mill cylinder completely cooled.

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