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How to reduce ball mill noise

Time: 2018-06-20

The ball mill is a mechanical device dedicated to the grinding and processing of ore and other materials. Ball mills are often used for the processing of grinding processes such as limestone, dolomite, and calcite. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery is a professional manufacturer of ore processing machinery and equipment. Here, we must remind users to pay attention to the problems associated with the noise generated during the use of ball mills. How can we properly reduce the problem of noise pollution that occurs during the use of ball mills?

First, users can design a soundproof window to set a non-equidistant double-layer trapezoidal soundproof window on the sound insulation wall, and add air layer between the double-glazed glass for sound absorption treatment. Between the glass and window frame, window frame and wall Sealing with rubber strips, so that very tight soundproof measures can be very effective to complete the effect of sound insulation, to a certain extent, to reduce the noise pollution of the ball mill.

Moreover, the user can also adopt the method of installing soundproof doors to reduce the problem of noise pollution of the ball mill. The user needs to pay special attention to the design of the soundproof door of the ball mill should have sufficient sound insulation and easy to open. The panel can use a certain thickness of wood fiberboard, and the rock wool with a certain thickness is contained in the sandwich, and the sound insulation can reach about 30 dB(A).

In addition, the user can also take sound insulation and sound absorption treatment on the sound insulation indoor beams and roofs. Based on the spectrum characteristics of the ball mill noise, a sound absorption layer is designed on the inside of the workshop to absorb the noise as much as possible. This is also very effective in reducing the noise pollution of the ball mill during the grinding of the ore, and is very effective in reducing the noise of the ball mill.

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