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Why use a medium-speed mill to process coke

Time: 2018-06-26

Natural coke can be used as fuel after being crushed, natural coke is extremely hard, so the crushing of natural coke is a big problem for coke users. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of ore processing machinery and equipment. Here, we talk about the mechanical equipment for the grinding and processing of natural coke. For grinding and processing of coke, Joyal recommends mid-speed milling machines for everyone. Equipment, why choose a medium-speed mill in many milling equipment?

The main products of the medium-speed mill include: coke medium speed mill, roll crusher, disk mill, hammer crusher, standard vibrating screen machine and other ore processing machinery equipment, co-operation, coke and other ores Grinding processing. The medium-speed milling machine for coke grinding has many advantages. Here, Joyal simply introduces the difference of the middle-speed milling machine.

The medium speed mill has no requirement on the moisture content of the material, and it is not clogged in the production process and has a high fineness; and the noise produced by the medium speed mill when crushing the material is greatly reduced, and the machine body during operation is very stable without the need of The installation of foundations has greatly reduced the noise pollution caused by the medium-speed mill in the grinding process and saved the user a lot of money.

The medium-speed mill is broken by the upper rotor into small particles and then finely powdered by the lower rotor; the medium-speed mill is equipped with a centralized oil distribution pump, and the whole machine can be used at any time in the working state of the machine. At the same time, it is convenient and quick to add lubricating oil. In addition, the medium-speed mill equipment incorporates a two-way gap-adjustment technology to freely control the particle size of the equipment discharge and make the production more user-friendly.

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