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How to save the cost of mineral processing (a)

Time: 2017-03-27

Concentrator production costs generally include equipment procurement and equipment operation and maintenance costs, concentrator want to save the cost of mineral processing, mainly from these two aspects.

Joyal machinery as a professional production of mineral processing equipment manufacturers, how to save the cost of mineral processing have some of their own views, are now shared to everyone, hoping to help more beneficiaries to obtain better business efficiency.

Want to ensure that the beneficiaries of the economic benefits, saving mineral costs, mineral processing costs is the most important. For the beneficiation plant, the cost is mainly pre-mineral processing line construction costs and operating costs after the operation of the composition, for the current mining enterprises, a reasonable mineral processing line design and good equipment selection is also a good way to save the cost of mineral processing.

The design of the beneficiation production line includes not only the installation of the dressing equipment but also the design of the beneficiation process, including the efficient separation of the ore or other raw materials from the physical and chemical methods, so that the useful minerals and gangue or magazines are economically separated to meet the smelter or other Users of the product requirements of the production process design. Through the rational design of the concentrator, can effectively reduce the initial construction of the concentrator investment costs.

The choice of the site of the concentrator is also a kind of saving the cost of mineral processing, such as the choice of site should try to avoid the acquisition of land and construction demolition, thus reducing the burden of large land costs and demolition compensation. If the concentrator is built on the mountain, try to ensure that the pulp can be self-flow, saving a lot of pulp transport costs.

The use of energy-saving effect is good, high degree of automation equipment is also an important means to save the cost of mineral processing, energy saving effect can greatly save the power plant operation power costs, and a high degree of automation of mineral processing equipment can also greatly save the manpower cost of concentrator.

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