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What is the role of flotation foam in flotation machines

Time: 2017-04-05

The theoretical basis of the flotation machine is roughly the same, that is, the hydrophobic (hydrophilic or oil) characteristics of the hydrophobic properties of the granule itself can be aggregated at the liquid-gas or water-oil interface. In this one, there is a thing that plays this very important role, that is the bubble. As for the bubble in the flotation process specifically play an important role, that is, shanghai joyal machinery and we should focus on the problem.

Foam is the motor V-belt drive to promote the rotation of the impeller, resulting in the formation of centrifugal negative pressure, inhalation of sufficient air in the impeller centrifugal force formed under the main purpose is to enrich the hydrophilic minerals, improve the mineral processing precision and reduce the difficulty of mineral processing , Such as copper, lead and other mineral processing becomes easy and efficient, to achieve the purpose of high quality and efficient beneficiation.

In the foam flotation process, these bubbles play a very important role, because these bubbles, so that ore particles or mineral powder can be attached to a sticky foam, these bubbles carry these particles from the pulp of the bondage, to reach the rinse The interface to remove the ore particles, in order to achieve flotation, get concentrate.

The ore particles in the pulp are in contact with the bubbles, and the collision and floatability of the ore particles are selectively adhered to the bubbles and carried into a mineralized foam layer consisting of gas-liquid-solid three-phase composition, mechanically scraped or removed Pulp surface overflow, and then dehydration, drying into concentrate products. Can not float the gangue and other mineral particles, with the pulp from the bottom of the flotation tank as a tailings products discharged.

In the bubble flotation, there is an indispensable item, that is, flotation agents. The effect of the agent is to increase the stability of the mineralized foam during the flotation process and to allow air dispersion and foam formation to proceed independently, increasing the hydrophobicity of the surface of the natural mineral and increasing the separation of hydrophilic and hydrophobic particles. Of course, different minerals used in flotation agents are also different, only the most appropriate reagents, in order to maximize the recovery of minerals, the maximum reduction of mineral processing costs, to obtain the greatest benefits.

In the flotation, the good flotation machine plays a decisive role, good flotation machine produced more refined foam, useful mineral adhesion better, so as to the minimum beneficiation cost to obtain the best mineral processing effect. Mineral processing equipment on the election shagnhai joyal machinery, used people say good.

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