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Kaolin milling production line process

Time: 2017-04-10

Introduction of kaolin
Kaolin is a common clay mineral, high melting point, dull, mostly white, with impurities will appear gray, yellow and other colors, after grinding, applied to ceramics, rubber, paper, refractories, cosmetics, medicine, oil And other industrial areas, which are widely distributed in China’s Guangdong, South China, Shanxi, Jiangsu and other provinces.

In order to increase the utilization rate of kaolin and improve the economic efficiency of the processing plant, joyal machinery based on the status quo of kaolin processing plants, and in-depth analysis of raw materials, the final design of a scientific high-end kaolin milling production line, the effect is good, large output, long life, stable operation , Small investment, large income, popular users favor!

Kaolin milling production line equipment

Our company designed kaolin milling production line equipment usually include jaw crusher, kaolin mill, bucket elevator, vibration feeder, fan, separator, pipe device, electric control system, which kaolin milling Machine is the company’s technical experts to learn from foreign successful experience, combined with the advantages of traditional Raymond Mill R & D and production of efficient milling equipment, targeted, professional are quite strong, the application effect is quite good.
Kaolin milling production line process

Kaolin milling production line process has gone through the broken, grinding, grading, collection of these three stages, all aspects of a reasonable design, convergence appropriate, the specific process is as follows:

1, broken: large kaolin ore by jaw crusher broken to 15mm-50mm, by the bucket elevator evenly sent to the silo;

2, milling: silos in the silo after the material in the electromagnetic vibration feeder, the orderly quantitative into the kaolin mill grinding;

3, grading: grinding kaolin powder in the role of the fan, the classifier classification, substandard materials need to enter the mill to continue grinding;

4, set powder: powder qualified kaolin powder through the pipeline into the finished product storage warehouse, after a unified package, and sales.

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