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Rotary Dryer is to save energy and environmental protection

Time: 2017-04-17

Rotary Dryer are commonly used in the mining industry equipment, a variety of raw materials after drying is often easy to use and storage. Rotary Dryer is a typical heat energy use process, energy saving is particularly important. Today joyal machinery and we talk about dryer energy-saving emission reduction related topics.

According to the national policy of the 12th Five-Year Plan, China will continue to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, in this context, choose their own production conditions and in line with national environmental standards of environmental protection and energy conservation equipment is the most in line with today’s social development Trend.

Drying equipment widely used in food, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical and other industries, drying equipment using computer control, according to the requirements of drying different drying temperature and drying time, and drying equipment on the choice of heat should first Consider energy saving and low consumption which is the most critical.

Drying equipment is a use of thermal energy on the high moisture content of the material drying device, the use of heat in the drying process plays a very important role, if the heat can not be taken away or the circulation is not smooth, then the whole system Have an impact. There are many forms of heat generation, such as electric heating pipe, natural gas, diesel, coal and so can through a certain equipment can be converted into heat. Drying equipment is equipped with heat sources, including electric heaters, gas burners, coal-fired furnaces and so on. The application of electric heating in a small drying equipment in a wide range, generally used in the laboratory, it does not exist any pollution problems, heating faster. Burner is mainly used for large-scale drying equipment, in industrial production plays a decisive role.

Drying equipment of the induced draft fan to use the inverter to control, relatively high degree of automation, saving a lot of manpower and material resources. Coal-fired hot air stove as a drying equipment, heat source is also widely used in the material requirements are not too strict occasions can be used directly, such as the production of mold slag to use this type of drying equipment. In the case of strict requirements for materials with direct-fired hot air stove can not meet the requirements of users, it must be coupled with the heat transfer device to reduce the degree of pollution of the material.

Joyal machinery will be more effective energy-saving emission reduction dryer, for customers to bring a better low-carbon efficient production experience

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