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Ore milling machine lubricants

Time: 2017-09-26

Natural ore resources need to go through the processing of ore processing machinery and equipment can be used for our daily life and production, commonly used in some of the ore milling machine ball mill, ultra-fine milling machine and Raymond Mill, Machine and other ore milling processing equipment, Shanghai joyal mining machinery remind the majority of users of these ore milling machine in a long time after the operation need to pay attention to the appropriate maintenance of ore milling machine, ore mill maintenance needs to pay attention to lubrication operations.

In the stone mill lubricants, the user needs to pay attention to the amount of oil, not too much or too little. When the lubricant is too small, can not play the lubrication effect, can not alleviate the friction between the parts of the ore mill, too much lubricant, not only affect the lubrication, it is a waste of resources. Therefore, the use of the need to pay more attention to the amount of oil added.

Stone grinding machine lubricating oil must be clean, lubrication may not have debris, because when the lubricants contain debris, it will affect the lubricating oil lubrication effect, serious will lead to lubrication failure. In addition, there is no injection of small stone mill within the lubrication, the application of special containers installed, not open-air exposure. Storage temperature should not exceed the storage temperature specified by the lubricating oil.

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