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What are the popular types of milling machines in China?

Time: 2017-09-19

Grinding machine, is the field of powder processing “hero” equipment, all kinds of limestone, dolomite, calcite, gypsum and other materials milling processing, because of many types, large selection, functional, environmental protection and more welcomed by the market. Then the domestic more popular type of milling machine which? The following is Shanghai Joyal Xiaobian for your summary analysis:

First, Raymond Mill – milling industry, “Big Brother”

Raymond Mill, can be described as a flour market veteran “veteran”, called the mill of the “Big Brother”, the advent of a long time, the technology precipitation, production ingenuity, popular in the market, the basic Is ideal for more than 50% of users. The equipment uses three-dimensional structure design, more than the average horizontal milling machine occupies a small, less investment can be a one-time material to complete the broken, grinding, transportation and other effects, the overall use of good results.

Second, high-strength milling machine – to upgrade the innovative products

High-strength milling machine, is the general milling machine upgrade innovation results, compared with ordinary milling machine has a stronger milling capacity, grinding finished product size can be 80-425 mesh within the flexible adjustment, and if there is a special need , Can also be installed in the body of special equipment, can achieve coarse grinding effect, to produce 30-80 mesh coarse powder products. In general, the equipment covers an area of ​​small, high wear resistance, higher efficiency, yield, traditional smooth, human environmental protection, investment is smaller, more favored by the users.

Third, ultra-fine milling machine – high standards of milling machine

Ultra-fine milling machine, is to make up for the general fineness of the mill is not enough to design a high standard milling machine, the fineness of up to 3250 meters, the adjustment range of 33μm-3μm, is the use of new fluid The principle of the design of high-performance milling machine, the performance can be almost completely comparable to the air grinding, while its price is far lower than the cost of grinding, instead of air mill, an effective solution to the ultra-fine powder processing difficult, high cost, User recognition and love.

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