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Limestone grinding line configuration scheme and process

Time: 2017-09-12

Limestone is formed by the mining, crushing and other processes after the formation of limestone particles, if further milling treatment into limestone powder, can be widely used in building materials, chemicals, metallurgy, medicine, paper, food and other fields. In recent years, more and more users of limestone grinding plant investment, this paper will be the limestone production line configuration program and a brief introduction to the process analysis.

First, the limestone milling production line configuration

Domestic limestone / limestone rich in resources, the composition is relatively simple, not very complex, generally only need a simple washing treatment, after the broken, grinding and other series can be processed. The equipment used includes jaw crusher, Raymond Mill, etc., and equipped with auxiliary bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeder, dust collector, separator, pipe fittings and so on.

1, equipment for limestone crushing – jaw crusher

Jaw crusher, is a simple preliminary crushing of limestone, its structure is simple, mature technology, less land, limestone grinding production line crushing equipment more reasonable choice.

(1) efficient crushing, large feed, high yield;

(2) reliable quality, jaw plate strong and durable, long-term without replacement.

2, for limestone grinding equipment – Raymond Mill

Raymond Mill is the key equipment for further grinding of limestone after crusher, and its design is novel and outstanding. In addition, it can choose special limestone mill, which is more targeted; if the customer On the fineness of grinding requirements, can also be used instead of ultra-fine milling machine, you can get fineness of 3250 target limestone fine powder.

(1) three-dimensional structure, covering less, can form an independent production system, smooth operation, low cost;

(2) safe and efficient, long-term stable and reliable production of milling, reduce failure, improve efficiency;

(3) environmental reduction, grinding powder after the fine powder fineness, high purity, the application value is considerable.

Second, the limestone grinding line production process

1, broken: large pieces of limestone through the vibration feeder into the jaw crusher crushing treatment, after the bucket elevator from the bottom up to the silo;

2, milling: silt slag within the silo even into the Raymond Mill grinding process, the user can adjust the material according to the fineness of powder;

3, the election powder: the powder after the fine powder by the separator sorting, substandard powder to return to the mill to re-grinding;

4, packaging: After the election of qualified limestone powder through the pipeline device into the storage silo, and can be packed by the tank cans.

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