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The reason of powder abnormancy in Raymond Mill

Time: 2017-09-04

Raymond Mill is a widely used in mining, cement plants, chemical plant grinding equipment, non-metallic mineral processing of important equipment, loved by the majority of users, but most users use the process, will inevitably encounter mine In order to help you solve this problem, Xiaobian specifically made the following analysis, hoping to help you.
One, resulting in Raymond Mill powder powder abnormal reasons

1, lock powder seal lax

If the Raymond Mill in the milling process, the lock powder sealing work is not done, it will form a powder suction phenomenon, resulting in less powder or powder less, so check the seal of the powder, adjust the seal degree.

2, the analyzer did not play a role

Raymond Mill analysis machine is responsible for the analysis of the size of the finished powder, whether it meets the finished product standards, need not re-sanding, in the analysis of the machine blade wear serious cases, can not achieve the role of classification, will cause a powder Thick or too thin, this situation, replace a new leaf can be resolved.

3, the fan did not adjust well

Raymond Mill fan air flow if not adjusted, the air volume is too large, will cause the mill powder is not normal, the powder will be too thick, the air volume is too small, the powder will be too small, in the check other circumstances Abnormal circumstances, should adjust the fan air volume to correct the powder particle size.

4, blade failure

Raymond Mill’s blade is responsible for shoveling the material, when the blade used for some time or the quality is not enough hard case, wear a large, material shovel can not cause, no powder or powder less, Need to replace the new blade, so as to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

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