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Raymond Mill Abnormal Vibration Causes (a)

Time: 2018-05-09

Raymond Mill is an indispensable key ore processing equipment in industries such as industry, metallurgy and chemical industry, construction industry, etc. Raymond Mill has large output and can be used for powders of many different ores. Grinding. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of ore milling processing machinery and equipment. Here, we talk about vibration problems during the use of Raymond Mill.

The Raymond Mill vibration problem often occurs. It is unavoidable. However, anomalous vibration over a long period of time can have a serious impact on the Raymond Mill. For example, damage to internal parts of the Raymond Mill will occur. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery here and everyone to talk about Raymond Mill vibration during the use of what are the reasons.

If Raymond Mill is used during the process, the feeding speed is too slow, causing the machine to be in an empty state. At this time, the grinding roller and the grinding ring are in an intermittent contact state. Therefore, during the grinding of the ore by the Raymond Mill, There will be a collision of the grinding roller and the grinding ring, causing the machine to vibrate.

If Raymond Mill is in use, the feed rate is too fast. At this time, the Raymond Mill machine is already in an overload condition. Many materials accumulate in the grinding chamber, blocking the air duct, causing the grinding layer to be too thick Unusual rotation and frequent swings cause problems with Raymond Mill machines’ abnormal vibration.

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