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Simple introduction of lattice type ball mill

Time: 2018-05-03

Grid type ball mill is a common type of ball mill. It is also a beneficiation equipment. It is one of the main equipments for grinding various metal mineral materials. Grid type ball mill is an important ore processing equipment in industries such as industry and metallurgy industry. . As a professional manufacturer of ore processing machinery and equipment.Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is here to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of lattice-shaped ball mills.

Grid-type ball mills can grind most of the materials and can be continuously produced without interruption. The use of lattice-type ball mills is very extensive and the yield is also high. The development of lattice-type ball mills is not short due to many years of use by users. Use, and technical personnel are not short-term improvement and optimization, so lattice-shaped ball mill technology is constantly improving.

There are few problems with the lattice ball mill. Some problems are not only solved by the technicians, but also by some production workers. The lattice ball mill has a large comminution ratio and can grind up to 300 meshes. The grain size of the material can also be adjusted. In operation, the power consumption is low, and the energy consumption is low.

Of course, lattice-type ball mills also have some problems that require everyone’s attention. The installation of the lattice type ball mill requires high requirements for the factory buildings, and the general land cannot be used because the equipment is heavy and the foundation is not stable enough. The machine will sink into the ground when the production operation is performed; and the price of the lattice ball mill is comparable to Other equipment may be slightly more expensive.

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