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Ball mill can not be used without maintenance

Time: 2018-03-02

Shanghai Joyal Mine Machinery Here we want to say that the ball mill is used for grinding ore and other materials processing of a mine processing machinery and equipment, ball mill is more common in industrial enterprises grinding equipment and processing equipment, ball mill Is a large ore processing equipment, therefore,Joyal to remind the majority of users should pay attention to the correct, scientific operation of the ball mill is very important, especially the ball mill for the first time put into use.

Ball mill first put into use what are the issues that need attention? Zhuoya simple and we talk about. Ball mill in the first use and continuous operation for a month after the oil must be replaced, replacement of the ball mill should be removed all the lubricating oil, and the ball mill thoroughly cleaned, then the user needs to promptly replace the new lubricant .

Ball mill operation in the process should remain stable, no strong vibration, no abnormal noise, no abnormal current fluctuations and other phenomena, such as the discovery of the above problems, the ball mill needs to be promptly checked and adjusted; ball mill routine maintenance to determine the fastener Use the state, whether the fastener is loose and wear, in addition to check whether there is oil spill joint situation, whether there is leakage and whether there is leakage phenomenon.

And we must pay attention to the use of ball mill ball or ball wear and tear to be timely monitoring, wear more serious when you want to change as soon as possible; ball mill operation in the course of any abnormal conditions should immediately stop and repair; ball mill used often To monitor the lubrication of each lubrication point, including lubrication status and oil level, the frequency of at least four hours once.

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