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How to control the feeding quantity of Raymond mill (1)

Time: 2018-02-24

Raymond mill can be used for grinding limestone \ calcite and granite and other ore grinding ore is an important equipment, is the industry \ Metallurgical Industry and the chemical industry and other industries is very important processing equipment. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery as a professional manufacturer of ore processing machinery and equipment, here to remind the majority of users attention Raymond mill feeding problems.

In order to ensure the quality and yield of Raymond mill discharge, not only to consider the particle size, hardness, moisture and other conditions, the amount of feed is also a key can not be ignored, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery here and we say the specific science Raymond mill that the correct feeding methods are what, I hope we can pay attention to some.

In order to judge Raymond mill work, the operator should often listen to the grinding sound or grinding sound, especially the first warehouse of the grinding sound. Ore material properties and structure of the grinding structure of different grinding sound is different. However, for a certain Raymond mill, the material properties under the condition of the basic stability, the grinding sound is a certain law to follow.

General normal operation of Raymond mill, a warehouse loud and clear sound, no ball impact “Dada” sound, but with a slight impact sound. Fine grinding warehouse has “sand” grinding body friction sound. Less material when the sound is strong, the sound of long-term material is weak. When the first warehouse of the sound weakened and stuffy, indicating too much feed, or due to the particle size is too large and can not adjust the feed volume, it may be too much material moisture paddle fence adhesive caused row Poor material. If the sound is too strong, indicating that the mill material is too small, according to changes in grinding sound, increase or decrease the amount of feeding, and gradually adjust the grinding sound properly.

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