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4R3016 Raymond mill daily maintenance

Time: 2018-02-06

Raymond mill is a commonly used mineral processing mill ore milling equipment, Raymond mill with the development of many years, more and more models more and more complete, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery and we all say Raymond mill routine maintenance.

4R3016 Raymond Mill Raymond mill is a commonly used model, Joyal to it and we talk about Raymond mill maintenance problems. Raymond mill routine maintenance, we must first understand that the mill is through the grinding roller mill ring constantly rolling to achieve the material. Therefore, the degree of lubrication between the grinding roller and grinding ring will directly determine the service life of the components.

Each time the Raymond mill begins to work, the main bearings and roller bearings should be lubricated, while other parts require regular dismantling and cleaning. When the 4R3016 mill manufactured by Joya is working, A feed should not be too much, because too much material will be very easy to seal the air duct, not only yield less than required, but also very easy to burn out the mill motor. If the feed is too small, it will also damage the Raymond mill, and also fail to reach the output.

Joyal 4R3016 mill at the end of the work, the user needs to Raymond mill in the various accessories should be shut down in the normal shutdown order. The user needs to pay attention to the proper shutdown sequence of the Raymond Mill, ie feed inlet, chassis, main motor, single analyzer and blower motor.

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