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Raymond mill seal cover

Time: 2018-01-30

Raymond mill is limestone, calcite, maifanite and granite and other ore processing equipment commonly used grinding machinery, Raymond mill is a large ore processing machinery and equipment, there are a lot of internal parts, these parts work together , Raymond mill can not be missing. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery here and we talk about the main seal in the Raymond mill. Seal cover in the Raymond mill is the role played is to seal the dust together.

Raymond mill sealing cover in the local seal cover Raymond dust source is sealed with a sealed cover, the characteristics of this local seal can not only seal the dust generated locally, and the small size, more convenient to observe and operate . It is suitable for fixed dust production place, the production rate of small continuous dust place.

The overall seal is the Raymond mill dust in the production process all the dust and dust production equipment sealed up, and the Raymond mill often need to observe the maintenance of the site to stay outside the cover. The overall seal cover is characterized by a large cover volume, you can monitor the operation of the observation window and the inspection door Raymond mill, small hood can be carried out in the hood.

Raymond mill sealing chamber will dust equipment or place with the cover all closed together. This sealing method is characterized by a large volume, which can be repaired in the hood. Outside the sealed enclosure, the operation of the Raymond mill can be monitored by doors and windows. Raymond mill closed type, mainly according to the reasons for the dust of the equipment, the degree and production operating conditions to choose, should take full account of the airflow characteristics within the hood.

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