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Raymond Mill can be free to adjust the size of production

Time: 2017-10-24

Raymond Mill is the commonly used mechanical equipment for ore milling processing. The Raymond Mill has a small footprint and a high grinding efficiency and can be used for a variety of different milling processes. It is very important to process Equipment, very popular with everyone’s favorite.

Raymond mill can usually control the size of the fineness of the mill, then Raymond Mill is generally able to grind the fineness of the size of the number of it? Shanghai Joyal mining machinery and we talk about Raymond Mill is usually the number of grinding is the number.

Under normal circumstances, the ordinary R-type Raymond Mill can be processed up to 325 mesh, this series of machines used in the analysis of the material on the classification of powder, so the fineness can not be greater than 325 mesh, more than this data, The analysis disk can not be accurately classified.

How does the customer request fineness> 325 mesh and <1200 mesh?It is recommended to use Joyal ‘s ultra-fine Raymond Mill, the machine using squirrel cage analysis system, the entire analysis system to do the most advanced transformation, the number of disk speed measurement is very accurate, is very suitable for everyone’s grinding equipment

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