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Why does Raymond Mill produce the wind

Time: 2017-10-17

Raymond Mill can be used for limestone, dolomite and calcite and other ore grinding processing, it can be said that the ore production line in the ore occupies a very important position. Raymond Mill in the process of ore milling process, there may be the phenomenon of surplus winds, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery mainly to analyze the reasons for the emergence of this situation under the Raymond Mill.

Raymond Mill in the use of the process, in the entire package of the wind pressure is always a section is in a negative pressure state, the mill inlet and repair doors above the large cyclone are negative pressure zone, if the The mouth, the repair door, the separation, the discharge port and the pipe seal is not strict, there will be inhalation part of the wind, resulting in the wind.

Raymond Mill in the operation will produce heat, so that the circuit in the system than the temperature of the workshop than the work of the workshop 10-30 ℃ higher, the heat of the material will have a drying effect, so that the water evaporation of the material to form water vapor; And if the Raymond Mill equipment seal is not strict, there will be too much air leakage, the formation of a large wind, the phenomenon of small wind.

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