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Raymond Mill Maintenance Tips

Time: 2018-10-16

Raymond mill belongs to mining equipment. The internal parts are wear-resistant parts. The hardness of the ore is high and the wear parts are worn quickly. Therefore, the Raymond mill needs to be replaced once for a period of time, so it is reasonable to maintain and maintain Raymond. Grinding components can not only maintain the normal operation of Raymond mill, but also increase the cycle of replacing wear parts and save money. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery and everyone talk about the maintenance of parts of Raymond mill.

The maintenance details of the equipment accessories of Raymond Mill are indispensable. Generally, some common faults or maintenance methods in the production of equipment will be trained before they can carry out the daily production process. These are often easy to ignore the details of the maintenance of the grinding equipment. According to the experience of equipment production and R&D, some production details are popularized for the users of the machine, so that the maintenance skills of the grinding equipment are more comprehensive and the production is handy.

First of all, in the grinding production line, for the large parts of the grinding equipment, such as: grinding rolls, grinding rings, blades and other wearing parts, the working time of the machine should be recorded and regularly replaced and repaired. Raymond mills have a lot of parts, so you need special attention and do a good job of machine maintenance.

In particular, in the grinding device inside the grinding machine body, if such a maintenance process is reduced in production, it is easy to cause the grinding roller device to be tightly sealed, so that the powder affects the production quality. Therefore, it is necessary to refuel in time or regular cleaning according to the specified time, replace the oil seal, and contain hidden dangers in the germination stage.

Secondly, users need to pay attention to the analysis machine shaft wear or bearing damage caused by Raymond mill. It is one of the factors that keep swinging in the production of the analyzer. Therefore, it is very necessary to adjust or replace the shaft and bearing. In the production of wind turbines, it is also easy to cause the above vibration phenomenon, so moderately remove the powder from the blades or replace the blades; repairing or replacing the shafts and bearings is also the production details that should be paid attention to during production.

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