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why the ultra-fine mill is difficult to boot

Time: 2018-10-23

Milling equipment is a common equipment in various mining processing and construction and life applications, and is also an indispensable equipment in the powder processing industry. Ultra-fine grinding machine is widely used in the grinding and processing of ore, calcite, silicon carbide, silicon carbide, potassium feldspar and other ores. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery here is to talk about the superfine grinding machine. problem.

Ultra-fine grinding machine should pay attention to the difficult problem of starting. In the grinding production line, if the power of the ultra-fine grinding machine motor is not enough, it will easily lead to the motor not being able to drive the ultra-fine grinding machine normally due to insufficient voltage power. This prolongs the start-up time of the device and even causes the ultra-fine mill to fail to start.

The starting speed of the ultra-fine mill is greatly affected by the current. If we are in the process of starting the ultra-fine mill, the current instability is easy to cause the contactor, circuit and motor to burn out. Brought a big impact. If this is the case for a long time, it will shorten the service life of the ultra-fine mill.

In order to prevent problems when the ultra-fine mill starts, we must pay attention to the correct starting sequence and method. For example, before starting the ultra-fine grinding machine, check the tightness of all the inspection doors, and observe whether there are any residual materials inside the grinding chamber of the equipment, and adjust the steering of the fan and the main engine.

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