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Precautions before starting the wet ball mill

Time: 2018-11-01

Wet ball mill is an important equipment in the production of mineral processing. The operation requirements are exceptionally careful. The correct method of the ball mill is to ensure the normal operation of the ball mill. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment and improve the production power and reduce the damage, we should follow the correct Operation method Operation equipment, Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery here to tell you about some matters needing attention before the start of the wet ball mill.

Before starting the ball mill, carefully check whether the connecting bolts are tightened, the gears, couplings and the fixing of the ore or other fixing bolts, and check the gearing of the large gears and pinions; for new equipment or after repairing The mill for the test run must be rolled 2-3 turns before starting to see if the mill is bumping with other machines.

Users also need to pay attention to check whether the oil quantity in the manual oiler of the rolling bearing is satisfactory and the production demand is timely. Whether the quality and quantity of the slurry pump lubricant are satisfactory for the production demand, replace or supplement the lubricating oil in time; check various maintenance equipment such as oil cut. Maintain the mercury contactor, hydraulic breaker and interlocking equipment and audio signal of the parking lot. Check whether the appearance and safety maintenance equipment are outstanding, and whether the air pressure of the pneumatic clutch reaches the requirement.

With the grinding machine that starts the varistor alkaline pressure, the shoulder movement process can’t exceed the specified starting time. The starting time is generally 15-20s. If the starting button is pressed to start the rolling mill to the specified time, the grinding machine can not reach the additional speed. That is to stop the launch, otherwise the frequency sensitive varistor will burn. After stopping the engine, carefully check the mechanical and electrical equipment to find out why it can’t be started.

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