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Raymond mill machine silo blockage treatment method

Time: 2018-11-06

Raymond Mill is a grinding equipment commonly used in the grinding of ore. The production of Raymond Mill is high and can be used for the grinding of many different ores. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery is used as the grinding of ore. The manufacturer of processing machinery and equipment, here is simple to talk about the silo cleaning method of the Raymond mill, how to clean the silo of the Raymond mill.

Everyone should pay attention to the strict requirements of Raymond mill feeding. The feeding amount should not be too large, nor should it be too small. If the material overload is stopped, the motor will burn out. If it is too small, the material will not be in the grinding chamber. Squeeze fully. So how do you control the feeding? When we feed, we should always pay attention to the current meter pointer movement. If the rated current is exceeded, the motor overload loading is too large. At this time, the material door should be reduced or closed immediately, or changed. In the way of feeding, the feed amount is controlled by adding a feeder.

If the surface of the ore material ground by Raymond Mill is relatively moist, the material can be dried and then milled. The moisture content of the material is 6%, which is the best grinding state of the mill. It can be added before grinding. Set a dryer, or directly dry; long-term non-working mill, before use, must clean the dust on the equipment and the accessories are rusted, etc., if found to be timely maintenance, Ensure that the device is working properly.

The user can use the vibrating feeder to actively feed the Raymond mill, and paste the non-stick coating on the inner wall of the silo. Under the vibration of the vibrating feeder, it is not easy to accumulate materials and avoid the formation of the arch. Large storage space of the silo avoids the problem of silo blockage.

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