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Precautions for high pressure mill

Time: 2018-11-13

High-pressure mill is a kind of ore grinding machinery equipment commonly used in ore milling. High-pressure micro-powder grinding machine has less floor space, low noise, high production quality, strong operability and dry grinding and powder selection. And many other advantages. High-pressure micro-grinding has been increasingly used in raw material grinding and cement grinding of cement companies. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery is here to tell you the main points of high-pressure micro-grinding in the slag grinding operation.

The high-pressure mill is an ore processing machine. If the operation of the high-pressure micro-grinding mill is not working properly, some machine failures will occur, causing wear and tear on the machine. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery here and everyone talk about how to reduce the high pressure. The use of micro-grinding mill, how to operate the machine correctly.

The basis of the high-pressure mill grinding is to stabilize the bed, which is the key to the normal operation of the high-pressure micro-grinding. When the bed is unstable, the wet slag that is ground into the mill is extruded in a large amount and cannot be ground. The thickness of the layer can be adjusted by adjusting the height of the retaining ring. The appropriate height and their correspondence with the output of the high-pressure micro-grinding should be first identified during the commissioning phase.

What everyone needs to pay attention to is to control the reasonable air volume and wind speed. The high-pressure micro-powder grinding operation mainly relies on the circulation of animal materials. Reasonable air volume can form a good internal circulation, so that the material layer on the grinding disc is proper and stable, and the grinding efficiency is high.

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