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Ball mill steel ball configuration considerations

Time: 2018-11-22

Ball mill is a mechanical equipment used for the grinding and processing of various ores in the ore milling production line. The main function of the steel ball in the ball mill is to impact crushing the material and also play a certain grinding effect. Whether the crushing requirement can be achieved depends on whether the grading of the steel ball is reasonable, mainly including the size of the steel ball, the number of ball diameters, and the proportion of balls of various specifications. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery is here to talk about the configuration of the ball of the ball mill.

In order to effectively pulverize the crushed materials such as ore, the following principles must be followed in determining the grading: First, the steel ball should have sufficient impact force to make the ball mill ball have enough energy to crush the particulate material, which is related to steel. The ball diameter of the ball is directly related.

Moreover, the ball of the ball mill should have enough impact times on the material, which is related to the ball filling rate and the average ball diameter. When the loading amount is constant, under the premise of ensuring sufficient impact force, the diameter of the grinding body is reduced as much as possible, and the number of steel balls is increased to increase the number of impacts on the material to improve the pulverizing efficiency.

You should also pay attention to the fact that the grinding materials such as ore have sufficient residence time in the mill to ensure that the material is fully pulverized, which requires the steel ball to have a certain ability to control the flow rate of the material. The configuration problem of the ball mill ball is related to the output of the ball mill and needs everyone’s attention.

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