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The secret of Raymond mill’s longevity is lubrication

Time: 2018-11-27

Raymond mill is a common equipment for ore milling. Raymond mill can be used for grinding various kinds of ore such as limestone, calcite and garnet. It is a very important processing in industries such as industry, metallurgy and chemical industry. device. Everyone knows the importance of lubricating oil for ore processing machinery and equipment, especially for Raymond mills. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery is here to talk about the lubrication requirements of Raymond mill.

Raymond mill addition requirements, when adding lubricants to Raymond mills, should also pay attention to the amount of lubricant, not too much or too little. When the lubricating oil is too small, it will have a lubricating effect, which will not relieve the friction between the parts of the Raymond mill, and the excessive lubricating oil will not only affect the lubrication, but also waste resources. Therefore, you need to pay more attention when using it.

Raymond mill cleaning requirements, Raymond mill lubricant must be clean, no impurities in the lubrication, because when the lubricant contains impurities, it will affect the lubricating effect of the lubricant, in severe cases Causes lubrication to fail. Everyone should also pay attention to the lubrication that is not injected into the Raymond grinding machine. It should be installed in a special container and should not be stored in the open air. The storage location temperature must not exceed the storage temperature specified by the lubricant.

The use of Raymond mill requires that in the operation of Raymond mill, the temperature of the lubricant should not be allowed to work under the condition that the oil temperature is higher than 60 degrees and lower than 16 degrees. When working, the oil temperature of the lubricant of Raymond mill should be kept within 30-40 degrees.

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