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The roller in the Raymond mill is very important

Time: 2018-12-04

Raymond mill is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used in ore milling. The grinding roller in Raymond mill is one of the most important grinding parts, which plays a very important role in Raymond mill. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery as the key ore mill machinery equipment manufacturer here and everyone talk about the adjustment method of Raymond mill grinding roller, if the correct adjustment of the Raymond mill grinding roller, let Raymond The mill can work normally.

Raymond mill grinds the material mainly by compacting the material entering the grinding chamber between the grinding ring and grinding the material with powerful centrifugal force and gravity. The grinding roller plays an important role. Joyal reminds The majority of users should pay attention to the importance of the roller of the Raymond mill.

In the adjustment of the grinding roller of the Raymond mill, the Raymond mill accessory grinding roller adjusting mechanism must adjust the two grinding rollers according to the process requirements, and can flexibly adjust the rolling distance between any two rollers. It guarantees a certain degree of uniformity. Users also need to pay attention to the adjustment of the Raymond mill equipment grinding roller, pay attention to the convenience of Raymond mill operation, in order to improve work efficiency.

When we adjust the grinding roller of Raymond mill equipment, we also pay attention to the safety of the mechanical equipment of Raymond mill. When the two grinding rolls are brought into a hard object, it is necessary to automatically relax the rolling distance and make it pass safely and smoothly. And when the materials such as ore are stopped or an emergency occurs, the user needs to be able to quickly separate the two grinding rolls to avoid grinding the grinding rolls and damaging the grinding teeth.

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