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Shanghai Joyal–How do you usually maintain the high-pressure mill?

Time: 2021-05-20

High-pressure mills play an important role in the milling industry. Generally, many stone powder production lines can see its hard work. Like this kind of hard-working milling equipment, how do you usually maintain it? Have you noticed that its production volume is getting lower and lower? Why is this? Let the editor of Shanghai Joyal chat with you.
Due to the large dust in the working environment and the harsh working conditions of the high-pressure mill equipment, in order to ensure the normal operation and life of the machine, we must maintain and maintain it in order to improve the life of the machine and create a better life for the enterprise. High efficiency.

First of all, the transmission part of the pulverizer mainly uses rolling bearings. The maintenance here is to insist on lubrication and timing to ensure the life of the bearings.
The output of the pulverizer is sometimes very low because of the method of feeding. Because it is manual feeding, sometimes more and less. When the feeding is too much, it will easily cause the pulverizer to block the material, affect the normal operation, and reduce the output. Needless to say, if the feed is too little, the output will naturally decrease.
It is important to pay attention to the grinding roller and grinding ring of the pulverizer, because the work of the pulverizer is the close contact between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and squeezing and grinding to make powder is the contact between metal and metal, so there can be no metal in the body Otherwise it will damage the grinding roller and grinding ring.
If you can’t solve the problems in the maintenance of the milling equipment, don’t fumble, you can contact us in Shanghai Joyal in time, we will arrange technicians to answer in detail for you, and look forward to working with you for a win-win situation.

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