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Shanghai Joyal–Talk about the work of the ball mill

Time: 2021-05-27

Generally, when selecting a ball mill, an enterprise must comprehensively consider factors such as abrasive requirements, production environment, energy consumption, and material properties, and finally select the most suitable ball mill for its use. Currently, there are multiple classification methods.

During the use of the beneficiation ball mill, problems such as wear, loose connection, oil deterioration, metal structure corrosion and other issues will inevitably occur between each link, resulting in varying degrees of degradation in the technical, economic and safety performance of the ball mill. Therefore, before the wear condition of the various parts of the ball mill has not affected the production efficiency, in order to prevent and eliminate the hidden dangers of the ball mill, and to ensure the long-term good operation of the ball mill, the ball mill must be regularly maintained and maintained.
Generally, the diameter of the steel ball of the ball mill is between Φ20mm-Φ125mm. Among them, small steel balls are generally Φ40mm and Φ60mm, medium steel balls are generally Φ80mm, and large steel balls are Φ100mm or Φ120mm. The diameter of the steel ball of the super large ball mill is mostly Φ130mm-Φ150mm and so on.
As a “consumable” in the grinding operation, the degree of wear of the steel balls of the ball mill is naturally different due to different materials. At present, the mainstream ball mill steel balls on the market mainly include cast steel balls and forged steel balls.

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