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Shanghai Joyal tells you how to maintain and maintain the mill

Time: 2022-02-14

During the use of the pulverizer, it is inevitable to encounter one or another problem, which affects the quality of the finished product and the progress of the work. How to avoid these problems, the standardized operation and daily maintenance of the mill is particularly important.

(1) Operate the mill in strict accordance with the milling requirements. First adjust the rolling distance before starting the machine, and then adjust the rolling distance to normal after the material enters.
(2) The power of the pulverizer is large, and the power can be doubled with the change of the rolling distance, so it is necessary to pay more attention to the tightness of the transmission belt.
(3) Before starting the machine, the sundries in and around the machine should be removed, and all parts should be turned by hand to check the tension of the V-belt and the chain, whether the fasteners are firm, and whether the lubrication is normal.
(4) The belt deviates and slips on the pulley, which can be found by watching and smelling, and can be solved by sprinkling rosin on the belt and properly loosening the rolling distance. If you hear a flapping sound, it means that the belt is partially disengaged and the head is thrown, and it should be stopped immediately for repair.
(5) The fault of the bearing can be found from the bearing or bushing wear, bearing fragmentation and improper installation of the grinding roller. If there is a problem with the end of the bearing swinging, it may be that the elastic force of the rolling distance adjusting mechanism is insufficient or the grinding roller is unbalanced. If the bearing has oil rejection, the bearing should be re-adjusted and a suitable washer should be installed to prevent grinding of the roller shaft. move to.
(6) The grinding rollers should be replaced one by one in a planned way. Do not replace a large number of newly drawn grinding rollers at the same time, so as to avoid a sharp change in the process effect.

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