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The moisture content of the milling material needs to be controlled

Time: 2017-05-22

Ore milling machine is used for the processing of ore grinding machinery and equipment, with the economic development, industry, metallurgical industry and other industries, more and more ore resources are applied, ball mill, ultra-fine milling machine, mine Mongolian milling machine and other ore milling machinery and equipment gradually increased. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery is a professional manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment, joayl here and we talk about ore milling machine processing of ore and other materials, the size of the water and other issues.

Ore milling machine grinding ore and other materials need to be controlled in a certain range of water content, if the raw material is too much humidity grinding, we use the stone mill in the process of processing its milling, the grinding mill grinding ring Strong rolling effect, it is easy to cause the powder after grinding due to high moisture and adhesion between the grinding mill grinding ring. This situation has led to an increasing number of unbonded materials in the ore mill due to the clogging of the ore mill, and for a long time it also causes the wear of parts in the ore mill.

Ore milling machine in the grinding of ore and other materials, the material is tightly pressed between the grinding mill grinding ring, in the high-intensity gravity and centrifugal force, was gradually grinding into powder. In the process of running the stone mill, the grinding chamber will produce a lot of heat, if the material at this time the water is too large, it will lead to moisture evaporation, the more serious situation is the ore mill in the grinding ore The phenomenon of the machine explosion. Therefore, joyal to remind the majority of users in the use of ore milling machine grinding ore to strictly control the ore and other materials, water content.

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