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What kind of machinery equipment is for ore milling

Time: 2017-05-31

With the development of China’s economy, especially the industrial, metallurgical industry and chemical industry and other industries need a lot of production of raw materials, and ore is one of the raw materials, but the natural ore is too large can not be directly used, so the need for ore grinding Powder and other mining machinery and equipment auxiliary processing role, then in addition to ore milling machine milling process also need to use which mining machinery and equipment? Shanghai Joyal mining machinery as a professional manufacturer simple and we talk about what the ore mill supporting equipment.

Each type of stone mill, the entry of stone materials have certain requirements. So, before we grind the stone, we must first large pieces of stone for the appropriate broken, broken ore milling machine can be the size of grinding. So the ore milling production line configuration of the corresponding crushing devices, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher and other ore crushing machinery and equipment first ore and other materials broken to a certain size.

To stone grinding and grinding, but also the need to transport the stone material to the inside of the mill, so the mining machinery and equipment in the feed transport equipment is essential. In the stone processing, the belt conveyor, vibration feeder and other feeding equipment is ore powder processing can not be missing machinery and equipment. In the following, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery to continue talk about the mine milling equipment and mining machinery.

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