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What are the advantages and models of large Raymond mills? How much does it cost?

Time: 2021-07-30

Raymond pulverizer is a very common and commonly used grinding equipment in mining stone processing work. It can grind various materials with Mohs hardness below 9.3. It has a complete model and a wide range of applications. It has broad application prospects and is basically achievable. One machine has multiple uses. What is the model of the large Raymond mill? How much is the price? This article analyzes and answers in detail for you.

1. The large Raymond mill has a good sealing structure design and is equipped with new pulse dust removal equipment to avoid dust and noise, less pollute the environment, and basically realize green production.
2. The complete set of equipment is strong, the Raymond mill adopts PLC electrical automation control, the overall operation is strong, the workshop can basically realize unmanned operation, the operation efficiency is high, and the maintenance is convenient.
3. The fine powder of the finished material has good quality, uniformity, high sorting accuracy, 99% pass-through rate, and the fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily according to requirements.
4. The fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the grinding fineness can be adjusted between 80-800 meshes, and the applicability is more flexible and extensive.
5. Long parts replacement cycle, long service life of grinding rollers and grinding rings, eliminating the shortcoming of short replacement cycle of wearing parts of centrifugal crusher.

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