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Do you know the ball mill? Shanghai Joyal takes you to analyze the ball mill in detail

Time: 2021-08-06

The ball mill is an indispensable grinding equipment in the beneficiation process. Any mineral separation cannot be separated from the grinding, so the role of the ball mill in the production line is self-evident. At present, there are many manufacturers of ball mills on the market. There are many types of ball mills and various functions. Therefore, users are sometimes confused when faced with choices and do not know how to choose.

Generally, when selecting a ball mill, an enterprise must comprehensively consider factors such as abrasive requirements, production environment, energy consumption, and material properties, and finally select the most suitable ball mill for its use. Currently, there are multiple classification methods.
1. Short tube ball mill: The length L of the tube body is less than 2 times the diameter D of the tube body. The work efficiency is high, and 2-3 ball mills can be used in series at the same time, and the application range is wide.
2. Medium and long cylinder ball mill: When the cylinder length L=3D, it is a medium and long ball mill.
3. Long tube ball mill: Long ball mill is used when the barrel length L≥4D. It is generally divided into 2-4 warehouses.
According to the characteristics of the operation, it can be divided into two types: one is a wet ball mill, and the other is a dry ball mill.
1. Wet mill: Water is added at the same time as the material is fed, and the material is discharged into a certain concentration of slurry and discharged, and it forms a closed-circuit operation with the hydraulic classification equipment in a closed-circuit system.
2. Dry mill: some of the discharge is drawn out by air flow, the mill and the wind classification device form a closed circuit, such as cement mill adopts self-flow discharge.
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