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What are the components of the complete set of equipment for the limestone grinding production line?

Time: 2021-09-10

Limestone grinding powder production line is an important process for grinding and processing limestone. It consists of crushers, mills, analyzers, fans and other equipment, and is generally used in building materials, chemicals, metallurgy, mining and other fields.
1. Vibrating feeder, a feeding equipment with strong continuity, simple structure and long service life;
2. Jaw crusher, mainly used for coarse crushing of large pieces of limestone, with large crushing ratio and strong processing capacity;
3. Vibrating screen, which screens materials of different particle sizes, has strong excitation force, reliable structure, multiple screening specifications, and durability;
4. The impact crusher can process the coarsely crushed materials in medium and fine crushing, with high crushing efficiency, selective crushing and low operating cost;
5. Bucket elevator, lift the material to a certain height, wide lifting range, small driving power and long service life;
6. Raymond mill, which grinds the finely crushed limestone and other materials, has a high pass-through rate and simple operation.

Production Process:
1. Crushing: Large pieces of limestone are sent to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing through a vibrating feeder, and then sent to the silo evenly from the bottom to the top by the bucket elevator;
2. Grinding: The limestone scraps in the silo evenly enter the Raymond mill for grinding treatment, and the user can adjust the fineness of the discharged powder according to the needs;
3. Powder selection: the fine material after grinding is classified and sieved by the separator, and the unqualified fine powder must be returned to the mill for re-grinding;
4. Packaging: After powder selection, the qualified limestone powder enters the storage bin through the pipeline device, and can be uniformly packaged by the powder tanker.
The price of a limestone grinding production line cannot be generalized, because the equipment of the production line is different, and the price will vary with different models. In addition, the price of equipment of each manufacturer will be different. Redstar customer service will help you choose equipment and design schemes according to your actual production situation for free.

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