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What are the improved methods of Raymond mill?

Time: 2018-07-10

Raymond mill  in the cement, chemical, electric power, metallurgical and other industrial sectors to crush medium hardness materials, such as limestone, slag, coke, coal and other materials grinding operations, Raymond mill invented a long time Therefore, if you want to adapt to today’s development, Raymond mill needs continuous improvement and progress. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery here and everyone talk about the development of Raymond mill.

After the sieve frame and the screen of the Raymond mill are installed and positioned, the screen frame is welded and reinforced by the wear-resistant surfacing electrode, and the welding height of the wearable working surface is about 5 mm, and the sieve strip is welded and fixed to the sieve. On the frame, the screen frame can be prevented from being deformed, the screen strip is scattered, and the protection is fixed. The improvement of the Raymond mill can greatly extend the use time of the screen frame and the screen strip, and reduce material consumption.

The user can also perform the rotor dynamic and static balance test of Raymond Mill and install the strike balancing hammer. This improvement is an important way to solve the vibration of Raymond mill. The foundation of Raymond mill is integrated with the foundation of its transmission motor. Concrete masonry is used to enhance its anti-vibration performance and avoid vibration damage to the foundation, thus ensuring the vibration problem of Raymond mill.

The sieve frame of Raymond mill processing equipment is extended by 160mm, and four sieve bars can be arranged, which increases the work area of ​​Raymond mill. The qualified grain size products are discharged into the crushing chamber in time, reducing the occurrence of over-grinding and reducing the load of the crusher. It is convenient to improve the production capacity of Raymond Mill.

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