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Which kind of grinding machine is suitable for grinding fly ash?

Time: 2021-04-15

As fly ash and general ore materials are different, it is a solid waste produced in the process of coal combustion, which has certain pollution, so we should be careful when choosing the pulverizer. We can’t choose blindly, so which kind of pulverizer is suitable for grinding fly ash? Let’s analyze it

Combined with the material characteristics and uses of fly ash, and considering the rate of return on investment, Shanghai Joyal recommends you choose Raymond mill. Why choose Raymond mill? The main reasons are as follows:

1. High fineness of the product: the fineness of the finished powder treated by Raymond mill is uniform, and the screening rate can reach 99%;

2. Low investment cost: compared with other grinding equipment, the Raymond Mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding and grading transportation. The system is simple and the layout is compact. The floor area is about 50% of the ball milling system, and it can be arranged in the open air, so the investment cost can be greatly reduced;

3. Good environmental protection: first, the disadvantages of the old mill design are changed. In the design of the new Raymond mill, the bellows and air duct are changed from the original horizontal bottom to incline to the center for 30 degrees, so as to ensure that the bellows and air duct are always unblocked and free from blockage. While collecting ultra-fine powder, the pollution to the surrounding environment is eliminated or reduced

4. Strong wear resistance: the important parts of the machine are made of high-quality castings and profiles, with fine process, ensuring the durability of the whole set of equipment

Shanghai Joyal has been developing in the field of mine production for more than 20 years, and has rich experience in the production of pulverizer. We also have high requirements for the quality of pulverizer. We have different models to choose from, which can basically meet the requirements of most customers. If you want to buy a Raymond pulverizer to produce fly ash, you can visit our Shanghai Joyal factory.

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