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ball mill machine wear is mainly reflected

Time: 2016-08-29

With economic development, the construction of new urbanization led to related economic developments, such as industry, metallurgical industry and so on with the economic development of the form presented in the form of the prosperity and development of this form also led to the development of the mining industry and mill sales hot. Ball is one of the important members of the mining machinery, mainly used for regrinding the material, according to different ways of discharge ball mill can be divided into lattice-type ball mill and overflow ball mill two kinds. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery here to remind the user should pay attention to ball mill routine maintenance work.

Ball mill is a large mining machinery, work intensity, the main face of grinding hard materials, so that the damage caused by the machine is not small. Then the damage caused by the ball mill machine is mainly reflected in what areas? The ball mill wear worn mainly in important parts, such as ball mill ball mill liner wear and abrasion.

(1) Ball mill is an important component in the manufacturing operations mill, ball mill and the material to be ground movement of the cylinder body interaction, in order to achieve the effect of grinding material crushing, ball collision occurs after a long period wear.

(2) liner is a ball mill to protect the important parts of the cylinder, bear a heavy burden when a ball mill operation, ball mill operation after a period of time there will be serious wear and tear phenomenon.

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