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Flotation cell flotation machine is very important

Time: 2016-09-05

With the development of economy, industry, metallurgical industry and other industries led the development of forms of mining machinery, mining machinery crusher, conveyors, mill, sand making machine and so become an important mining machinery sales hot in here shanghai joyal mining machinery as a professional mining machinery manufacturer here and we focus on the next important member of the mining machinery — flotation machine.

Important mining machinery flotation machine is mainly used for the role of the material sorting, we all know the general natural ore containing impurities, more users need to pick out the materials, sand and gravel flotation machine for the entire production line is very important, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery ZSF series flotation machine, ZJJF series flotation machine flotation machine and ZXJK series can be very good to complete the sorting of materials. Flotation machine is a large mining machinery is composed of many different parts composed, although a variety of different roles flotation machine, but can not be missing is a flotation cell which is an important component.

Flotation machine driven by the motor belt flotation machine impeller rotation, on the one hand inhalation of sufficient air is mixed with the slurry, while stirring the pulp mixed with the drug, so that mineral adhesive foam on top, float to the surface and then form slurry bubble mineralization . This is the flotation method flotation machine in the whole flotation process flotation cell flotation machine play a big role, flotation cell flotation machine has a good role in isolation.

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